6 Ways To Protect Your Home While You’re Out Of Town

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One of the things that you may look forward to the most is the time when you can pack your bags and go on a lengthy vacation. You may travel to a tropical country or rent a house by the lake for at least a week without needing to think about the work waiting for you when you return. For sure, everyone has the same idea on top of their to-do list, especially when you can count the number of days you got to relax throughout the year with only your ten fingers.

As fantastic as it may be to get up and leave, though, you are likely aware that it merely happens in the movies. Since you live in the real world, you have to double check if you have switched off all the lights or unplugged every appliance. If your pets can’t come with you, you need to think of who can take care of them.

Nevertheless, the biggest question is, “How can you protect your home while you’re away?”

  1. Ask Loved Ones To Sit Your House

The easiest tactic is to call your parents, siblings or friends to know if they can stay at your place for as long as you are out of town. Getting one of them to agree is highly beneficial for you. Not only won’t you need to hire a random house-sitter, but your loved ones may not even ask for financial reimbursement for their good deed.

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  1. Lock The House Manually

If for some reason, nobody is available to look after your house, you don’t need to cancel your trip. You can merely perform a manual lockdown to ensure that it will be almost impossible for burglars to enter your place. Say, install multiple locks for every door, or cover the windows with drapes. In case you have been relying on technology to open or close your garage, it is advisable to disable it and lock that door manually instead as well.

  1. Install CCTV Around The House

Ironically, you may use the power of technology to take care of your home. Set up CCTV cameras in and out of your residence, and then have a technician help you monitor it through your hand-held device. This way, even if you are thousands of miles away, you can still see what’s going on in your property.

  1. Avoid Leaving Valuables In The Open

Assuming you want to de-stress and leave your laptop, iPad, and other valuable possessions at your place, you should know better than to merely leave them in their usual spots around the house. High-priced items like those are typically effortless to pick up and conceal, especially for thieves. If you have a safety box, therefore, or you can drop them off to a trustworthy person’s house, you should do it before going away for a while.

  1. Forget Your “Secret” Hiding Place For The Keys

If you are thinking of keeping your keys in a flower pot or under the Welcome mat on your doorstep to avoid losing it during your vacation, you should think again. Remember that these hiding places are already common, so all thieves possibly know about them. It will be as if you want to invite them to come in and loot your home once you leave your house keys there.

  1. Don’t Post Too Much On Your Instagram Or Facebook

Lastly, we hope that you can stop yourself from posting your pictures and videos real-time when you are on holiday. The reason is that some burglars can be techy too. You may even be following each other on Facebook or Instagram. Because of that, to avoid letting them know that your home is entirely human-free, try to only update your social media accounts after getting back from the trip.


It’s not that difficult to protect your home while you are out of town. Remember the tips mentioned above so that your belongings will remain safe as you enjoy your vacation.


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