What Makes A True Artist Tick?

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Artists are known to be eccentric because of the different way they view some things in life. Whereas you may always want to capture the smile on everyone’s face, for instance, they prefer to highlight the pain, longing, or sorrow in someone’s eyes. If you paint the sun yellow and the sky blue, in their mind and heart, the two may be reddish or grayish, respectively.

Despite that, artists are also human beings. They feel; they eat. These creative folks can even get upset or angry, primarily when any of the following occurs:

  1. Their Brushes Get Destroyed

One of the things that frustrate artists is when they are looking for the right brush for a detail they wish to add on the artwork, but then they realize that it is no longer in a working condition. For sure, it does not surprise these people to know that brushes often become casualties after working on a painting for a while. Nonetheless, they cannot help but feel mad when it happens, especially if it means having to halt the flow of creativity to buy another set of tools.

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  1. There Is Something Wrong About The Art

Regardless of how messy an artist’s workroom seems to you, you should know that many of them are perfectionists. They focus so much on making sure that every detail on the art is what they exactly picture out. If they feel after a few days that something is off with the piece, it is possible for them to throw it out and start with a new canvas. While that is a waste of time for regular folks like us, they find that more acceptable than dealing with art that is less than perfect.

  1. Someone Asks Them To Draw On The Spot

Another pet-peeve that some artists have is the thought of introducing themselves to somebody as either an illustrator or painter and then hearing that person request to see their creative skills. Whether that is supposed to be a joke or not, it is not funny for many artistic people. It may come off as rude in their eyes, frankly speaking, since their passion seems more like a trick to others than a profession. It is not as if they will ever ask a surgeon to perform surgery on the spot if they ever meet one.

  1. Their Works Are Hardly Appreciated

Creative folks use their ability to paint or draw as a way to express their feelings and thoughts. If you see a dark image, there is a likelihood that they are going through a rough phase in their life. In case there are distinct colors and pictures, they may be happy. Nonetheless, if they decide to showcase the masterpieces, it seems reasonable for them to feel hurt if people hardly appreciate what they’ve done.

  1. Nothing Inspires Them To Draw Or Paint

Last but not least, real artists genuinely feel bummed out by the fact that they lack inspiration. Their tools are in place; their hands are poised to start creating an artwork. However, no matter how hard their wrack their mind, no image comes out of it. If this mental block goes on for days, it can depress the person, to the point that he or she may consider putting all the art materials in the trash.

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Final Musings

A true artist, in all honesty, lives simply. They want to be able to express creatively what they cannot say verbally. They like to keep on painting, drawing, or using whatever medium they prefer to do that. Hence, it’s better for them not to encounter the things mentioned above to allow their artistic skills to flow freely.

Take note of all that the next time you come across an artist.

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