Top Songs That Are Relaxing, According to Science (Psychologists Agree To This)


They say that meditation and yoga can be relaxing but listening to songs can be a form of relaxation too. A study conducted by researchers and psychologists have shown that listening to songs is a form of stress relief and have a lot of calming benefits. 


“Music has such a large impact on our lives! It crosses cultures, age groups and has an effect on everyone. It can make you smile, dance, sing, cry, instantly recall memories like they were yesterday and process emotion.”  Abigail Saneholtz, Psy.D said. In this article, we will be discussing all the top songs that are relaxing. 

  1. Macaroni Union, “Weightless” – this English band produces ambient songs that are truly relaxing. They are known worldwide for their songs that have stress-reducing effects. Almost all of the people who listened to this song lost about 65% stress. They used the biomusicological phenomenon, also called “entertainment” that helps the sound have a more relaxing effect. While listening, your heart rate gradually matches the beat of the music. 
  2. Airstream, “Electra” – this song has the same effects as to the Weightless song. The tempo of the song is slow, and your heart rate matches it gradually. This will make you feel relaxed. 
  3. DJ Shah, “Mellomaniac (Chillout Mix)” – this song has guitar tune played over ostinato that gives it a bit of a laid back feel that makes you want to kick off your shoes, relax on the couch while listening to it play over and over again. 
  4. Enya, “Watermark” – Enya is a famous ban with a lot of classics that everyone is familiar with. The song called “Watermark” has a lovely yet straightforward to the sound piano arrangement that can help you relax after a long day’s work. The chorus of the song also has a synthesizer that creates white noise that allows inducing tranquility — no need for therapy and other kinds of treatment when you have this on repeat. 
  5. Coldplay, “Strawberry Swing” – this song is one of the songs with lyrics. This shows that not all songs with lyrics are not relaxing. Also, Coldplay is a worldwide famous band, so you will be sure that this song is available anywhere. 
  6. Barcelona, “Please Don’t Go” – this song uses only piano and strings that is very soothing to the ears. It lacks bass and other heavy instruments, and you can feel the emotions of this song whole it plays. Listening to this song is like listening to a sad song that can help you release your feelings and help you feel lighter. 
  7. All Saints, “Pure Shores” – this song is both relaxing and still has that classic 2000’s pop song feel to it. It makes you want to let all your worries aside and enjoy the rhythm of the tune and be free from all troubles for just a while. You are alert and relaxed at the same time, and you feel like you own the moment. 
  8. Adele, “Someone Like You” – this song is a viral song that has earned a lot of recognition, including a grammy. Science has found that this song is arranged to induce the feeling of sorrow and to let the tears flow out of a person listening to this. The harmony suddenly shifts to a more dramatic feel that enables you to absorb all the emotions. 
  9. Mozart, “Canzonetta Sull’ aria” – a piece of classical music is one of the top songs that can induce relaxation. This is the most chosen song when a person is trying to shake off stress and tiredness. An excellent arrangement with an angelic voice to match this song will be a stress reliever to the individual listening to it. 
  10. Cafe del Mar, “We Can Fly” – this song slowly builds as the song progresses. There is a new instrument introduced, and it makes the song more dramatic. The first few seconds are merely noise, but this is not bad. The middle part of the music invokes the feeling of traveling to a far land and experiencing a new sense of going to an unknown place and discovering what this place holds. 

These are the top 10 songs that will truly help you relax. In a way, each song that you listen to have the same effect as this. It all depends on the type of music you want and how it affects your emotions.  “It seems as though – I wouldn’t say music has special properties – but, it has the ability to distract or engage in ways that other stimuli don’t.” Neuropsychologist Daniel Levitin, PhD said.


It might be pop, hip-hop, or classical ones, but all of them gives you the same feelings. You can travel to another realm and experience the song in your way and be relaxed and calm. You can groove to the music and let it take you into a state where there is no worries and problems to think about, just the sound of the instruments and the voice of the singer and the feelings they give you which you can easily relate to. 

“Music acts as a medium for processing emotions, trauma, and grief—but music can also be utilized as a regulating or calming agent for anxiety or for dysregulation.” Molly Warren, MM, LPMT, MT-BC said. Now that you have an idea which songs are relaxing, you can search these songs and see the effects they can give you and relax to the beat of the music. 

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