Choose To Be Happy Even During This Down Time


I am having the time of my life now, thanks COVID-19 for forcing the entire world into this home quarantine and lockdown. Don’t get me wrong – I am not happy that there is a pandemic out there plaguing millions of people worldwide. I know that the global economy is down and that we are all on the brink of losing our jobs if we haven’t already lost it. At the moment, there are 259,496 deaths attributed to Coronavirus, and 3,757,469 confirmed cases of people afflicted by it. This is not a cause to be happy, but I choose to look at the brighter side of MY LIFE because I do not want to wake up sad every day.

My outlook may be different compared to most people. I choose to see past this pandemic. It is not helpful for us to wallow on anxiety and depression. We have to launch forward even if we are having a difficult time.

Take, for instance, Nancy, who is a mother of two boys. What is Nancy doing now? She is always sleeping, and on her waking time, she is crying. The boys can see her. Why is she doing that? It’s because she has no one to help her with her sons, and she just lost her job. Nancy is one of the thirty million Americans who were on forced leave because of the pandemic.


What is happening to her boys? The boys are also scared because Nancy is breaking down, and they are so innocent in all of this. Maybe Nancy has a mental health issue, which is why she is like that. But we have to remember; we need to act. In times wherein you feel that everything is hopeless, there are people who you can talk to like friends and family to help alleviate some of your pain. It may be a temporary situation, but the point is for you to feel better after talking to a loved one. And then, you can find online support from a mental health specialist with your issue.

The boys are so clueless and helpless now since the only person who gives them strength is breaking down. Nancy, and to all the Nancy’s out there, please – just try to reach out and ask for help. For the sake of your kids and yourself. And if you can cope, please try to do it. If you really can’t, call for help immediately. Do not ever hesitate about that.

Now, let’s take a look at Miranda. She, too, has two boys and is a single mom. Miranda also lost her job because of this lockdown. They are not rich or moneyed. Her savings will last them for a month or two, frugal living. But Miranda always manages to have a smile on her face and exude this sense of hope for his boys.


What is she doing that is different from the first example? Miranda keeps a schedule in her home. She tried “hustling” online and selling homemade products. Miranda is a person who loves organic stuff, and she creates beauty products out of it from her mini cosmetic lab at home. And so, in the morning, she has her phone, posting and gathering online orders. In the afternoon, she creates organic products.

Her boys, on the other hand, has a schedule as well as designed by their mother. They wake up at 8 am and start their day. The boys also do the chores around the house and help out their mother with cooking, cleaning, and laundry. They have time for an online school, for playing games, for studying and for chill. This is why the family can move towards the new normal in a better disposition.

We weren’t ready for this, but as human beings, for our survival, we need to accept, adapt, and adjust. Eventually, the outbreak will be eradicated, and we will have our jobs back. By then, we are so used to working from home because of the skills that we have. We will be re-thinking if we need a desk job or a home business that will let you have more time with the family.

Choose to be happy.

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