Tips And Tricks Of Interior Designing

The 2017 interior design expo made me realize that I should put my love for art into something useful. That is where I decided to overhaul my tiny apartment and do the tips and tricks on interior design. I managed to come up with a fantastic result that incorporates style and simplicity. Here are a few things I did.

Consider The Room Flow – I thought I had an amazing and spacious living room, that’s why I bought a large sofa to match the living area. But it was a mistake because it blocked the whole room off from the rest of the apartment. So I decided to split-up the sofa and removed the excess chairs. Not only the room tends to look wider, but it also allows more space for air to get in.


Coordinated Color Combination – Another thing I ensure when it comes to interior design is securing the coordinated color combination of every room. All items and furniture in the apartment should follow every area’s color code. It is a trick that aims to create a balance between the room and the things in it. It inspires a neat and clean surrounding as well.

Declutter – Honestly, I love my stuff, and I have a lot of decorative in my apartment. But recently, it seemed like those decorative are too much. Instead of trying to keep them all placed in every corner of the house, I hide some away. I realized that removing small things can make a big difference, especially when trying to make your apartment look clean and bigger.


Reuse And Recycle – This tip is probably my favorite. That is because interior designing may come quite expensive, especially if you are overhauling your whole place. So what I did is I tried recycling and remodeling some of my furniture so it can fit in the new setup. Honestly, it saved me a lot of cash.

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