A Guide To Self-Exploration: Find Yourself Through Opportunities Like The 2016 Memphis Self Development Symposium

Many people, most commonly teenagers, experience an identity crisis in their older years due to poor personal development formation when they were younger, which is why a lot of initiatives like the 2016 Memphis Self Development Symposium are opened to the public to those who are struggling with the same issues.

These activities are relevant to society because it helps people who are having a hard time discovering their passions, abilities, and most importantly their identity.

Learning About Self-Development

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You may be wondering, what exactly is self-development? In a nutshell, self-development is the process of discovering oneself, the abilities you’re good at, and establishing your personality, which changes over time. Self-development is essential because it will help you in aligning your future goals, and all the decisions you have to make which go along with it. In Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, the topmost portion is the self-actualization part, which is often the hardest part to obtain in a person’s lifetime.

Self-exploration, identity formation, and personal self-development are concepts that go hand-in-hand. These concepts help a person identify his or her key interests and qualities leading to a much better degree of self-awareness. 

Relevance Of Self-Development

Humans, having infinite space for growth, need to continue developing even until they grow up to reach the best version of themselves and having a good background in self-development is one way for you to achieve it!

With this, here are a few tips for better self-development:

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  • Take risks & set aside all your doubts
  • Be fearless & be open to change
  • Allow yourself to make mistakes & learn from it
  • Stop comparing yourself to other people. You’re your own self
  • Learn to forgive yourself & others
  • Try different things & observe what you like doing best
  • Meet new people & socialize more
  • Challenge yourself to new things so you can improve
  • Embrace self-love. It’s time to love yourself a little more
  • Engage in activities that will help you hone your skills and identity
  • Bloom where you are planted


Hopefully, these tips will let you have a better journey in self-development. Investing in yourself is really important and who knows, a few baby steps are all you need to get to your ideal self slowly but surely.