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Musicians unite! HELP NEEDED

by THEYre HERE on Sun Jun 12, 2011 10:54 am

A local band had two members that lost all their music equipment in a house fire last week. Everyone got safely out of the house, but one band member decided to go back inside and attempted to retrieve his $3000 guitar. Thankfully, he DID make it back outside (without guitar), but required two days of hospitalization for smoke inhalation and minor burns. These guys were left literally with only the pajamas that they were wearing. They lost guitars, amps, a piano, tvs, beds, and clothing. And from what I understand, there was even a small recording studio in the house. Two of the 3 cars in the driveway appear undamaged, yet they still sit there since the keys were inside the house. The house was completely burned to the ground. There is nothing salvageable.

If anyone can donate to help these kids get back on their feet (and performing again), there is a facebook foundation page that has been set up that has a paypal widget. Even if you can’t donate, if you could spread the word. I don’t believe you have to be logged in to facebook to view the page, but it may require a facebook account to use the paypal widget. I could be wrong.


And if you want to check out their music, google “The Gifted Program” on youtube.

Thank you in advance!

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